I finished little G’s mittens. I strung them together with i-cord instead of a chain of crochet. I find it sturdier and not so stretchy. Besides for some odd reason I love to knit i-cord. You can probably see that the mittens are a darked blue then the rest of the set. I bought the wrong yarn by mistake. I should have bought Bernat’s navy not Red Heart’s navy. It’s not very noticable and the mittens are far enough away from the hat and scarf that I think it’s okay.

Next is little A’s set.


Due to spam and lack of interest I’ve taken the knitting forum down for now. I’ve tried various things to prevent spam, but since I’m not some kind of hacker guru I’ve run out of ideas. Anyway I hope to find a solution to the problem soon and have a new and clean forum up by the New Year.


Well I’ve been terribly addicted to WoW and as a result I haven’t been knitting nearly enough or blogging for that matter. I’ve finally finished the blue scarf for little G and I’ve begun the pom poms. I’ve only made 5 out of the 10 (yes I’m a really half empty kind of girl) and I’m ready to tear my hair out. Boring.

The next step is to make a pattern up for the mittens. Make the mittens and i-cord for the dummy strings and I’m done. Of course today I decided that after that I need to make them a pair of slippers too. My knitting work is never done.

I haven’t sent my application in to the guild yet. So it waits along with the many other things on my to do list. This time of year is insanely busy for me.

Any suggestions for what knitting type gifts I should put on my list to Santa? (another thing yet to do – make a list to Santa)?



I finished this a few weeks ago, but I thought it was about time I posted it. The picture isn’t as nice as I had hoped because I had to use the flash which seems to over expose everything. I love the little pom poms on the scarf although I wasn’t too happy about making all ten of them.

Little G’s scarf is well on it way to being done. Then it’s the mittens which I either need to find a pattern for or as usual make my own. I will have to add the whole set as a free pattern when I’m done. I’ve haven’t added a new pattern for awhile. In fact I’ve been feeling a little out of the knitting world lately. I’m off to do some knitting now so that should help solve that problem.


As always I’ve been busy. Potty training is going pretty good, although I would like to see fewer poop accidents – yuck. Little G turned 2 today. I’m in awe of my youngest daugther sometimes. My husband and I keep saying we can’t believe she’s only 2 because she’s so smart. She talks almost as well as a three year and has started figuring out how to put together her older sister’s 24 piece puzzles. Her independence is striking. She insists on doing everything herself. “I do it!” is a common phrase.


Happy 2nd Birthday Gwyneth!

In other news I’ve decided that it’s worth the $35 a year to join my local knitter’s guild. I think it’ll do me good to get out. Plus I’m going to apply at Michael’s for a knitting instructor position – if they have any open right now. I hope to get some pictures of the winter sets I’m working on soon. I’ve been a bit lazy about knitting these days since I got addicted to a new RPG call World of Warcraft (WoW – for us geeks).


We had our Halloween party last night and it was great! My husband worked forever on his costume and the results were fabulous. Here are we are:








I just wanted to write a quick entry to say I’ve been really busy. I just started potty training little A and it’s not going well at all. She’ll sit on the potty, but she doesn’t do anything except five minutes later on the floor. Very frustrating.

I’ve finished little A’s scarf and I’m just adding the pom pom fringe. I’ll have to post pictures later as I just don’t have the time to so right now.

Well that’s it for today I hope to have more to say in the next few days.


It was a lovely weekend vacation. A much needed one as my anger management wasn’t been very well managed last week. At times being home with my children while watching other people’s children too can make me feel so trapped and emotionally depleted. Young childern demand so much from you it can be exhausting. Going away helped me do some soul searching and helped me gain a better perspective on my life as it is right now. I also felt I got to re-connect with my husband. So much is about the girls that I feel my marriage relationship gets my second best.

If you’re interested in seeing a little slide show of about half the pictures we took check out this on our flickr account.

On Friday we drive for 3.5 hrs. up to Port Carling, Ontario and arrived at the Shamrock Inn Lodge around 4:30 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. we enjoyed what I felt was one of the best meals in a resort I’ve ever had. The meals proved to be delicious for throughout the entire weekend. We stayed in this cozy one room plus bath cabin called the Courthouse.

In the morning we drove to Bracebridge and found a Tim Hortons and a lovely yarn shop called the Yarn Connection. It was great shop and I spent a half hour drolling over the yarn. I managed to leave yarn free but not without a copy of Interweave Knitting and a pair of hardwork knitting needles (gift from my sweet hubby). On Saturday we spent the day in Bala, Ontario. We enjoyed the Cranberry Festival that took place their that weekend. In the evening I tried my hand at some drawing. I haven’t sketched in years. I haven’t anything to really show for it, but I did feel all my years of training and skill creeping back.

Of course I had ample time for knitting too. I worked on little A’s scarf. I’ve decided to go with a pom pom ‘fringe’ instead of a regular fringe. The basic hats are finished, but I still want to add some flowers to little A’s hat and maybe a teddy bear or snowflake on little G’s. I’m going to either sew them on or use duplicat stitch like I mentioned before. The images show were I’m at right now.


The Celtic sweater is sitting quietly, waiting for me to photograph it and get it posted on either ebay or etsy. The main problem is photographing it, because most people like to see the sweater on someone, but I don’t know anyone that is small enough to model for me. The thing is like a size 4 or 6. I’m sure with a bit of asking around I’ll find someone who can model it. If comes to I do fit in it, it’s just not comfortable to wear for a long period of time. More to come on this saga.


In the after math of my celtic sweater which I knit too small I haven’t thrown in the towel. I just started a few small and quick projects. Hat, mittens and scarf sets for the girls. I finished little G’s hat, but I think I’m going to sew a snowflake or something on it in duplicate stitch. As much as I love having an image knit on something I don’t like seeing the yarn behind it or the pulling or other gauge changes that sometimes show up. I think I’ll be using duplicate stitch a little more often.

Sorry no pictures at the moment, but I barely had time to write this. I should have lots to share after my 3 day vacation up north for my 5th anniversary. I can’t wait to go. Somedays being at home with the children is trying on my sanity.


For all you Canadians out there have great Thanksgiving this weekend. I’ll be going until Monday so there won’t be any posts for a few days. I have decided to try and sell the celtic sweater on Ebay. More details about that later.