I can’t post my family Christmas gifts because I believe some of my family members follow this blog. I’ll share those after Christmas.

What I can share are these:

The pattern is Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament.

I have 12 coworkers and I’m making 12 white and 24 red so that everyone gets 1 white one and 2 red ones. I think I might be a bit insane thinking I can get them all done on time.

I love giving my fellow workers handmade gifts. I hope they understand that I thought of them way more while I made the thing than if I just went out a bought something. I’ve been lucky that anyone I’ve ever knit something has been grateful – at least to my face anyway.

Knitting has been a skill shared along the female line of my family for many generations. I’m sad that I think it’s going to stop with me. My daughter and my oldest don’t really seem interested or they don’t stay engaged long enough. Maybe later in life they’ll change their minds. For me it goes far beyond a hat, a sweater or a pair of mittens. Knitting has helped me heal from grief and cope with anxiety and depression. It’s like a good friend who always makes me feel safe and comfortable. I wish I could have shared this with my children.


So I’m reasonable sure that only scammers and spammers come here anymore, but I want to breathe a bit of life back into this website. How much depends on me and what I think I can handle. My free time is little and precious but I do miss sharing my knitting adventures.

And I have been knitting during COVID. Maybe not a lot but things were made.

Like this sweater.

The other two items I can’t show because they are for Christmas.

On my roster of things to make are a baby blanket (#6), a shawl and a cable sweater.

It has been a roller coaster ride the last 18+ months. I’m ready to push forward, open my eyes and take a deep breath.


I’ve knit so many baby blankets for co-workers over the years and I never tire of it. I do it to celebrate the new baby and do something nice for my work buddy, but I also do as a way of continual healing.

I’ve lost two babies, one still birth at 5 months and one infant at 2 weeks old. Every blanket I knit reminds me that more often than not a pregnancy ends with joy, love and a beautiful baby. It helps me deal with my losses.


The first of the two baby blankets I’m knitting is done! Both blankets are for co-workers.

As much as I love the softness of Bernat’s Baby Blanket yarn I’m not so happy with the way it knits up when doing the Shadow Cable pattern. The pooling is kinda of weird looking. I think the colour variations mixed with the texture doesn’t really work and yet I’ve knit a few blankets using this type of colourway. The second blanket also uses a similar colourway although it’s more subtle. If I make this blanket in the future I’m going to stick to a solid colour.


Happy New Year all!

This post is a few days late and isn’t knitting related, but I wanted post to say that I’m excited for a fresh beginning. I’m not making any resolutions this year, but I will be striving to live a better life. More self care, strengthening relationships and making time to more for the things I love.

My life has been hijacked by my anxiety and depression for years – making me afraid to live my life and making excuses that keep me from developing. It’s time to break old habits and live a better life. I won’t be perfect but I hope I can feel proud for at least trying.

Post to come next week and happy knitting!



It has been a busy holiday season for me and I have plenty to tell you but it will have to wait until the New Year. I hope to build up this blog in 2019 and to create a place to share and provide more resources for knitters and now weavers.

I would like to wish you all the best during the holiday season and into 2019.



Happy New Year and Merry Christmas my fellow knitters! I realize I’ve fallen off the grid for two freaking months! I was in a knitting crunch trying to get so many projects done that I didn’t have time to blog. On top of the usual business of the holiday season my family and I got a rescue dog on December 23. Patches is a much loved new addition, well much love by everyone except the cat. Taking him for walks has been challenging for all of us as the temperature here has been -24C (-11F) to -15C (5F) on average and that’s not factoring in the windchill.

I’m happy to say that I was very busy knitting Christmas gifts this year. And everyone who received that showed a true appreciation for them. So I proudly share with you my photos:

Witch Cats Hat from Ravelry – Gift for my aunt.

Cat mittens modified World’s Simplest Mittens and Witch Cat Hat patterns to create matching mittens.

Flash Beer/Coffee Cup Cozy – my own pattern using duplicate stitch to create the lighting bolt. Gift for my brother in law.

Houndstooth Fingerless Mitts – modified World’s Simplest Mittens with houndstooth pattern. Gift for my niece.

Purple and Silver Heart Ornaments. Part of homemade family gifts.

Final family gift packages – homemade hot chocolate mix, two knit heart ornaments and gift tag designed by me as Blue Bug Design.


Happy Halloween! We had a great halloween party this weekend and the whole family is looking forward to trick or treating tomorrow. My Louise Belcher costume turned out great and with a bit of help from my husband we got the ears to stand up without moving at all.


It’s really difficult to think about Halloween when we are having an unusual heat wave. It have been 31 C/88 F every day for the last 10 days and it sucks.

I’ve started gearing up for my favourite holiday by watching a horror movie a week and watching The Exorcist series on Netflix (it’s creepy as hell). I just love the fall because, it’s cool, rainy and an excuse to stay in and be super cozy while knitting. Plus there’s Halloween which embraces my love of horror stories. Most years I dress in a scary costume, but this year I’ve decide to go as Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. It’s fitting. I’m a Louise and I’m can be a smart mouth just like the cute nine year old in the cartoon. Of course I have to make her signature pink bunny ear hat. So I found a free pattern on WoollyRhinoCrafts. Now I hate to seam my knitting and this pattern has a lot of seaming. So of the seaming can’t be avoided but with the ears I felt I could make them in the round. Using the pattern WoollyRhino kindly provided I converted to something in the round and I’m pretty happy with it. My increases and decreases look a bit sloppy but it’s a costume so it’ll do.

Here’s Louise:

And the progress on my hat:


I’m feeling sad that the summer is almost over. My daughter’s return to school next week with the oldest one starting high school! Where does the time go? Knitting has been slow as I’ve been concentrating on finding more clients for my graphic design company. However I did manage to work on some dishcloths earlier this month when I went camping. There are few aspects of camping that aren’t my favourite, but overall I love it. Being out in nature just feels right, like I’m returning home after a long time away. I suppose knitting is like home to me too. It comforts and warms me when I knit making me feel so calm. Here’s a little camping and knitting for you: