I needed to make some plarn the other day to make more Yoga Mat Straps and thought it would be awesome share how I make plarn. There are a few different methods but this one is my favourite way. It’s especially a good method for getting a somewhat consistent ‘weight’ of plarn. In this tutorial I’m using milk bags because they are stronger then a lot of other bags, but lighter bags are fine as well.

One thing I forgot to mention in my steps was that I washed and dried the milk bags before starting. I don’t think you’d need to that with most bags, but the milk bags where smelly from milk leaks and whatever. So washing them seemed like a good idea.

I’ve also created a pdf here if you want to download these instructions.

I came across a link to this today – Long Tail CO and I had to share. Not being able to estimate the right length of yarn for long tail cast has always driven me crazy. Running out of yarn when you have 100+ stitches is enough to break anyone. I also don’t like having excess yarn at the end of a long tail cast on. It just feels wasteful when it’s hand painted silk or some other pricey yarn.

In other news I’ve been knitting a ton of Beer Charms and trying to come up with some other unique handmade gift ideas to sell in the fall. My graphic design business has been too quiet the last week and half. I know it’s mainly because it’s summer time and lots of people wind it down a bit. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been having trouble sleeping and freaking out just a little. I honestly want to push creating and selling knitted items and patterns. My dream is to be a knitwear designer, but it’s not a simple dream. In fact I think it’s a crazy dream like wanting to be a rock star. But I’m going to keep creating and designing and dreaming. And I’ll see where it takes me.

I’ve finally put my first listing on Esty. I joined way back in 2008 and it’s only taken me 9 years to start selling something. Here’s my listing. Please come by and favourite my store as I plan on adding more products soon.

Hello all! I haven’t disappeared, just busy working, knitting and living life. Recently between my husband and I we came up with this brain child – beer charms.

I’m selling these on my Facebook shop here. And I will make the pattern available for sale soon.

Cheers and happy knitting!

So I quit my job. Yep I up and quit 3 weeks ago. I’ve maintained a consultant relationship with my previous company and I started a graphic design company called Blue Bug Design. So far things have been pretty good although I’d like to have more work. I’ve been filling the gaps by exploring creative endeavours like knitting and other fibre arts. I feel so free (even though I worried a bit more about money). I’ve been taking time for me by exercising and giving myself time to relax.

I get to pursue the things I love more and this week I started designing a new pattern. Along with knitting I am fascinated by true crime and forensic science. I decided to merge the two and started to develop a blood spatter scarf. This is in it’s baby stage. I think I will try it using fine yarn and maybe try my hand at double knitting so the other side looks as finished as the other.

And here’s my progress on my black vest (and yes I’m breaking my rule about not working on more than one project at a time).

I’ve wanted to add a basic knitted black vest to my wardrobe for awhile. As well as I feel I deserve a little something for myself with all the hard work of starting my own business.

This vest is designed by the same designer as the Messy Bun Hats in my previous 2 posts – Lena Skvagarson. It’s call Passionista Vest. I love the construction, simple and elegant in a modified type of ribbing. I’ve had to train myself to not get into auto pilot and knit a typical double rib because that would mess everything up. I also decided again like with the hats to purchase the yarn suggested by the designer which is Berroco Vintage DK in black.

Spring is almost here and with fresh beginnings I’m venturing out to something new. I’ve quit my job and have started a freelance graphic design company. My last day of work is March 24th. It’s scary and exciting all at once. I hope to fit some more knit design in as well. I want to build on my pattern designs. I haven’t had the time or energy to create anything in the last year.

I did have the time to knit 4 Messy Bun Hats though. I used Ret Heart’s Unforgettable in Tidal and Echo Boutique and was happy when I realized I could get two hats out of each ball of yarn.

I’m on my third one of these Messy Bun Hats. My sister saw the pattern online and hinted that she wanted one. I decided to make one for her and my niece. It was a happy surprise that after I made the first hat I still have half a ball of yarn. I’ve decided instead of making a hat for myself I’m going to make two additional hats and sell them.

I’m using the yarn they called for in the pattern called Unforgettable. I think it’s a lovely yarn especially for an acrylic yarn. It’s a soft and luminescent roving.

Wow time is really flying by and I’m getting behind on my blogging. I freely admit that I miss the days when I wasn’t working and I had time to blog every few days. Everything that I enjoy doing feels like a squeeze in – a squeeze in around all the stuff I have to do. I’m grateful for my wonderful life but sometimes I wish it was simpler. Okay on with the knitting.

I completed the baby blanket a few weeks ago. It’s pretty and surprisingly soft. I didn’t think the yarn would be so lovely and it washed up well. I have a third of a ball left. I don’t know what I’ll make with it yet. Maybe a wee teddy bear. Anyway here’s the finished blanket.

It seems there is an average of one baby born in my department a year. In the five years I’ve worked here I think I’ve knit at least five blankets. Another sweet baby is on the way and so is a new blanket project. I’m using Mary Maxim’s Baby Blankie yarn and just a simple pattern with a garter stitch edge and a stocking stitch middle.

I haven’t done much as I just started knitting the other night.