A New Year!

Okay the New Year started a little over a week ago, but the Christmas season took so much out of me I’m only getting around to posting today. I’ve been struggling to keep this blog going because of my busy life. However knitting is an integral part of that busy life and I want to share with other knitters what I’m doing, learning and find interesting on the subject. My knitting keeps me sane as well as provides me with beautiful, warm and functional things for myself and those people I care about. I will do my best to keep this blog going and I hope you will keep coming back and reading and commenting. I have to say that I’m amazed that I started the first Good Knit blog 10 years ago and managed to keep it up all this time.

Time to get back to sharing my latest knitting project which this blog is about. Here is the progress on my scoop neck sweater.


I love knitting top down, raglan sleeve sweaters like this. I think partly because you can see the sweater grow (looking like a sweater not just pieces of one) right before your eyes. When I was 13 I started knitting ski sweaters and they became my favourite for years. Maybe my next pattern design will be a yoke style sweater.

Pretty in Plum

Pretty in Plum… or at least that is what I’m hoping. I love this Scoop Pullover from Interweave Knits. So much so that I already made back in 2009. I have literally wore the hell of it and have had to repair several times. I decided after the last repair job it was time to make a new one. One in this beautiful plum heather yarn from Patons Classic Wool worsted weight.

Here’s my first one from 2009:


And here’s the start of the new one:


Honeypot Hat is here!

Get through the Winter with Spring on your mind!


The reveal is finally here! This is the pattern I’ve been creating since January. It was an interesting journey, at times inspirational and at times frustrating. In the end it was worth everything. The pattern isn’t quite finalized – I have to write out the abbreviations, and finish off the layout showing all the images.

Eventually I will be starting up my YouTube channel that will feature tutorials on how to do certain stitches or techniques directly related to my patterns. These will include a tutorial on how to knit the two rounds that make up the wings of the bee as well as how to do the cross-overs for the honeycomb stitch. I’ve tried to make these as clear as I can in the pattern, but sometimes seeing it done is the best way to learn. My goal is to create clear and easy to understand patterns that help anyone knitting them have a satisfying experience and end with a wonderful knitted item.

This pattern will be made available on Craftsy and Ravelry for sale in the next week or so. I’ll make a post when it’s available.

And to finish off with more pictures:

HoneypotHat-Back-sm HoneypotHat-Side

The business of Fall

Like most people in the entire world I am busy. But the Fall season is by far the busiest for me. From September to January I’m insanely occupied with back-to-school, my husband and 2 daughter’s birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And like most people on this planet I’m always biting off more then I can chew. I have so many things I want to do in relation to my love of knitting. I never tire or bore of it. It’s a never-ending universe of fibre, needles and warmth. What I’m trying to get at is I’m behind in posts and getting the Honeybee project pattern written. My apologies but I can’t reveal it until next week’s post.

I have instead three cell phone stand bags. The first two are complete and blocked. The third one in grey and yellow needs blocking and a button sewn. I double-knit the flap on the grey and yellow one so it looks way more finished then the orange and grey one. I’m going to be the queen of double-knitting when I’m done all these bags. Well okay maybe not queen – that title probably belongs to Lucy Neatby.



In other news, I joined the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Guild and attended my first meeting. It was amazing being in a room full of knitters and chatting about knitting. I can’t wait until the next month’s meeting and I hope to become more involved in the fibre community of my lovely city.

And finally I signed up to help out Knitty by becoming a patron. For a few bucks an issue I’m helping them grow as a great online knitting pattern magazine. One of these days I’m going to get around to submitting a pattern or five to them. I dream of day when I can get some of my designs publish.

Blocking and balloons

What weird thing is this you ask? It’s the honeybee and honeycomb project I’ve been working on and nope, it’s not some kinda of covered ball or round cushion, it’s a HAT!

So what exactly is going on here? I read the other day that a good way to block a hat is by drying it over a balloon. The honeybees really need to be blocked for the wings to show and make them recognisable as bees.

I really like the way I decided to decrease the top of the hat. Final images should be coming soon – once the hat dries and I secure my model (she doesn’t have much choice since she’s my daughter).

Blocking knitting using a balloon

There are even more in the bag

My husband changed the design of his cell phone stand to a narrower, two piece item. So this meant I had to come up with a new design for the bags. I needed something that would be quick to make but still look good. I decided that the less sewing the better and that meant learning a new skill – double-knitting. This means no side seams to sew or using DPNs (which I normally love but they are slower to knit on). I joined Lucy Neatby’s Double-Knitting Class on Craftsy a while ago but haven’t finished it. I’ve taken the knowledge I have a started this new design:



I love the modern look and I can wait to come up with some other graphic style designs.