Yarn, needles and projects oh my!

My husband and I have decide to sell our house so there has been a sudden flurry of painting and decluttering going on. I realized this morning that I missed a post and remembered how I promised myself to keep this blog going. So here are two projects I’ve being working on. The first is my finished dishcloths. I used two patterns. A check board pattern using stocking stitch and garter stitch and the traditional garter knit on a bias stitch. These turned out beautifully. They are bigger and clean like a charm. The colours look great in my kitchen. I am planning to create a chevron placemat pattern using the same cotton yarn (purchased from Camilla Valley Farm).


I’ve been taking a Craftsy class to learn Double Knitting and so far I love it. My plan is to use double knitting in my placemat pattern to make them extra thick and sturdy.

And here is my latest project. It is the Knot Socks pattern from the book Sock Knitting Master Class.



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Dishcloth fun!

So the freezing temperatures aren’t letting up and I’m having trouble believing Spring will ever come. I decided this week to take a break from my honey comb and bee design. I have purchase my wool for the project and nailed down the final design. I only have to figure out the gauge and start writing the actual pattern. I’m very excited about working on it.

I’ve also started collecting inspiration for a variety of other projects and would like to join some Craftsy classes to help me create my own designs. Time is my biggest enemy. I just don’t have enough of it. Do I really have to have a full time job? Sadly yes, if I want to help support my family.

Taking a break didn’t mean no knitting. I grabbed a bunch of left over cotton from a project I did many years ago and started making dishcloths (except that variegated blue yarn which is of all things Phentex – that will used to make pot srubbers). I love making these because I can tryout interesting stitches and since they knit up so fast they give me instant gratification. In the past I feel I’ve made my cloths too small so these new ones are going to be much larger. I also want to make placemats. One of my biggest pet peeves about placemats is that they usually are made of materials or fabrics that are difficult to wash. I figure if I knit some out of cotton I can machine wash them without them distorting in size and shape.


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Is Spring really coming?

For those who didn’t know I live in Canada and the rumours are true that in the winter it can get cold, scary cold. We’ve had quite a cold snap the last week with -30°C (-22°F) temperatures and that’s not including the wind chill factor which can make it like -40°C (-40°F). So working on a Spring themed pattern seems ironic to me.

The design for this pattern has been a struggle, it’s been a lot like when you have a great drawing idea in your head and you just can’t get it onto paper. The bee motif was exactly like this and although I’m happy with it the one in my head is still better. I knit many, many combinations for the bee trying to get the wings to show up without looking like huge holes. The second issue is the yarn in the image isn’t yarn I intended for this pattern. The yarn I have is a dark gray that is too dark to really show off the design. I’m in the process of knitting it in the gray anyway. Part of it is the wish that somehow the gray will still work, it’s part denial that it won’t work and to at least see how the weight of the yarn works for the pattern. Once I get past my denial stage I’m going to have to purchase the yarn in an off white or something light. I still haven’t revealed what I’m making – I’ll tell you later.


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The only thing that never changes is change

So since my last blog post my original idea for the pattern has shifted and this is a good thing. As I’ve heard before the only thing that never changes is change. Change is good. This is a creative endeavour and nothing is set in stone. It’s actually refreshing to just let things go and follow what feels good, feels right. I’m not giving too much away but, as you can see the pattern has to do with bees. My usual style would have been to create an intarsia bee but, I’m exploring an area of knitting I’m less familiar with – texture and lace. I’ve been struggling with creating a bee that I feel satisfied with. I was really excited when I found this honeybee lace pattern on knitting fool. However when I tried it out I found many problems with why it wouldn’t work for what I wanted. It didn’t fit row wise with the other pattern I want to use and it was too open. I found a few other stitches for bees but, none really fit. So I decided instead of trying to modify something I would just work from scratch. It’s taken a week of experimenting and a change of yarn colour so I see better but, I finally have a bee I like.


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It’s about time

Way back in about 2006 I started this blog as way to provide information, patterns and share my designs with other knitters. Life really got in the way of my vision for Good Knit, but I’ve decided to put myself back on track. My first step is to stop talking about the ideas I have to make this or that and actually do it. It’s hard to make time as I work as a full time graphic designer, raise a family and trying to shift my career into the user interface design field but I realise that I must make the time. Knitting has always been in my life, soothing my stress and giving me great satisfaction when I create something useful and beautiful. It has been the bond between my Oma, my mother, my sister and my daughters. It is important in my life and it’s time I allow myself to indulge in it. I have started sketching and knitting little bits to come up with a new pattern. I will be posting my progress to share my knitwear design progress.


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Cable Slippers complete.

I managed to get these done during the crazy and busy Christmas break. They are so warm and lovely I want to keep them for myself! Sadly I don’t have quite enough of the yarn I used to make myself the same pair. I’ll have to search my stash and see if I have any other suitable yarn and maybe make a pair for me.


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Cable Slippers

My newest project are these pair of cable slippers. I’ve modified them by doubling up some yarn to get the weight I need and I had to use one size small needles. These are turning out lovely. So soft and flexible, unlike the Moon Socks that were stiff. There’s advantages to the stiffness of the other slippers as I think they will wear longer, but they may not be as comfortable as the cable slippers. This pattern is also from DROPS Design – you can find the free Little Red Riding Cable Slipper pattern on Ravelry.


I can’t wait to get to the actual cable part of the slippers which is the cuff part.

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Moon Boots are ready to land

I finished these last night. I don’t like sewing much so I was worried I try to ignore them once the knitting was done. I was more motivated to finish them off knowing they are for my sister. I was really happy to find these great buttons at Lens Mill.



My next project is to knit Little Red Riding Slippers. However mine aren’t going to be red because I’m using yarn from my stash.

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Moon Boots (Socks)

My latest project is DROP Design’s Moon Socks and it seems quite fitting that I’m making these slippers for my sister. When we were growing up my Dad often call our slippers/shoes/boots, basically anything we put on our feet, moon boots. So far the project is going pretty well. The pattern reads pretty well, but I was surprised when I realized there was a big old seam along the bottom of the foot. Yuck – who want’s to walk on that? So I used a Kitchener seam instead of a regular one. If you look you can see it a bit odd but no-one looks at the bottom of your foot – right? At least now the bottom is smooth and comfortable.

I’m using yarn from my stash and I hope I have enough. I think it’s a few metres short but I’m hoping I can make it.


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Tiptoe Slippers

It seems slippers have grabbed my attention for the moment. Maybe because Fall is here and I don’t have a working furnace. Regardless of the reason these have been fun to knit and have inspired me to think about creating my own slipper pattern. So come back in a while I may have a new pattern for you!

I’ve updated this post to let you know that this isn’t my pattern. It comes from Creative Knitting Winter 2014. Here’s a link to the Raverly page for it. If like the pattern, I guess you’ll need to get a back issue of Creative Knitting.



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