Pom pom craziness

Well I’ve been terribly addicted to WoW and as a result I haven’t been knitting nearly enough or blogging for that matter. I’ve finally finished the blue scarf for little G and I’ve begun the pom poms. I’ve only made 5 out of the 10 (yes I’m a really half empty kind of girl) and I’m ready to tear my hair out. Boring.

The next step is to make a pattern up for the mittens. Make the mittens and i-cord for the dummy strings and I’m done. Of course today I decided that after that I need to make them a pair of slippers too. My knitting work is never done.

I haven’t sent my application in to the guild yet. So it waits along with the many other things on my to do list. This time of year is insanely busy for me.

Any suggestions for what knitting type gifts I should put on my list to Santa? (another thing yet to do – make a list to Santa)?

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  1. Noelle

    Pretty soon the girls will be old enough to make the pom pom’s for you! I loved doing that when I was a kid

    And how about a subscription to a fancy knitting and/or inspirational magazine? Magazines are expensive, but such a treat. The perfect gift.


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