I’ve wanted to add a basic knitted black vest to my wardrobe for awhile. As well as I feel I deserve a little something for myself with all the hard work of starting my own business.

This vest is designed by the same designer as the Messy Bun Hats in my previous 2 posts – Lena Skvagarson. It’s call Passionista Vest. I love the construction, simple and elegant in a modified type of ribbing. I’ve had to train myself to not get into auto pilot and knit a typical double rib because that would mess everything up. I also decided again like with the hats to purchase the yarn suggested by the designer which is Berroco Vintage DK in black.

Spring is almost here and with fresh beginnings I’m venturing out to something new. I’ve quit my job and have started a freelance graphic design company. My last day of work is March 24th. It’s scary and exciting all at once. I hope to fit some more knit design in as well. I want to build on my pattern designs. I haven’t had the time or energy to create anything in the last year.

I did have the time to knit 4 Messy Bun Hats though. I used Ret Heart’s Unforgettable in Tidal and Echo Boutique and was happy when I realized I could get two hats out of each ball of yarn.

I’m on my third one of these Messy Bun Hats. My sister saw the pattern online and hinted that she wanted one. I decided to make one for her and my niece. It was a happy surprise that after I made the first hat I still have half a ball of yarn. I’ve decided instead of making a hat for myself I’m going to make two additional hats and sell them.

I’m using the yarn they called for in the pattern called Unforgettable. I think it’s a lovely yarn especially for an acrylic yarn. It’s a soft and luminescent roving.

Wow time is really flying by and I’m getting behind on my blogging. I freely admit that I miss the days when I wasn’t working and I had time to blog every few days. Everything that I enjoy doing feels like a squeeze in – a squeeze in around all the stuff I have to do. I’m grateful for my wonderful life but sometimes I wish it was simpler. Okay on with the knitting.

I completed the baby blanket a few weeks ago. It’s pretty and surprisingly soft. I didn’t think the yarn would be so lovely and it washed up well. I have a third of a ball left. I don’t know what I’ll make with it yet. Maybe a wee teddy bear. Anyway here’s the finished blanket.

It seems there is an average of one baby born in my department a year. In the five years I’ve worked here I think I’ve knit at least five blankets. Another sweet baby is on the way and so is a new blanket project. I’m using Mary Maxim’s Baby Blankie yarn and just a simple pattern with a garter stitch edge and a stocking stitch middle.

I haven’t done much as I just started knitting the other night.

Hello all! I hope you had a great holiday season. I sure did. Spending time with family and taking sometime to relax. I received many wonderful gifts including two looms. One is an inkle loom and the other is a lap or tapestry loom. I have to learn how to use the inkle loom as well as figure out card weaving as I got a stack of cards as well. Here are a couple of photos of the looms.

And here’s a few images of the finish pair of mittens I was working on during Christmas. The snow here has all but melted since we had some unseasonally warm weather so I apologize for the rather dirty snow background.

I’m taking a quick moment to wish you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I’ve had a pretty busy Christmas holiday and I’m back to work today. I’ll have to take sometime later to tell you all about my awesome gifts. For now I’ll leave you with this photo of one finished mitten.

Now that all the slippers are done, 5 pairs in total (one pair is a gift for my Dad so it isn’t in the previous post photo) I have finally started a pair of flap mittens. The pair I made back in 2010 are worn out. It’s amazing they lasted 6 years! Both thumbs have holes in them that I’m planning on fixing, but I felt I was well overdue for a new ones. Unlike my old mitts I’m not making these ones from my own pattern. I’m using Hybrid Mittens knit in the round created by Rachel Prewitt. Here’s the start using Patons Classic Wool in Rosewood. Pardon the quality of the photo since I took it with my phone.

We had our first snowstorm last week and today it’s -20°C with the windchill. It’s cold, it’s snowy and I’m happy to stay inside and knit. I finished the last pair of slippers for my family today. I used Kris Krafter’s Options Slippers for Men pattern and adjusted it to fit my two daughters. I didn’t clue in until later that she already has the same pattern for children and women.

These are fun to make and I love the options she gives for soles. If I find the soles wear out quickly (I knit the soles), I might try using the felt ones instead. These look so great that I have several friends asking if I can make them a pair.

Yes winter is coming. I’ve noticed the chill in the air and the smell of cold in the last week and it makes me smile. I’m not a fan of the heat. I’m also not a fan of winter roads so it puts me in a weird love – hate relationship with winter. If I didn’t have to drive I’d be happy with fall and winter all year around – spring’s okay too.

My list of knit projects is getting out of hand and I’ve let my love in life slip away. My personal life has been busy and stressed (who’s isn’t) but I finally feel like things are reaching a normal pace. Knitting relieves my stress and I think it helps me sleep. It was so dumb of me to stop during a time of stress. Happily I’m back and knit this much in just a few days:


So it looks like two elephants or something but these are going to be a pair of slippers for my husband. I got the pattern on Ravelry. They are called Options Slippers for Men. I love how creative knit designers are. You can knit the same type of item over and over and never do it the same way twice if you want to. Knitting is such a beautiful and organic thing. I still feel amazed that I can take some needles and yarn and create something functional and beautiful.

I’m going to make three more pairs of these for my daughters and I. My feet are boats so the men’s sizing will be fine for me and I think the same for my eldest daughter but, my youngest daughter’s slippers are going to require some adjustments to the pattern. I’ll keep you posted with more pictures soon!

Take care and happy knitting!