Poor Shadow


One of my cats is in the animal hospital being treated for crystals in the urine. He has a partial blockage and will need to stay in hospital two nights at least. My poor Shadow.

His brother Boots is beside himself, so I hope Shadow will be able to come home tomorrow.

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  1. Jenny

    One of my cats, Spicer a gorgeous ginger tom, had the same problem and it was caused by him being a very greedy boy when left with a bowl of cat biscuits. Too much dried food and not enough water meant that he developed crystals in a very delicate place!!! Very happy to say that he fully recovered and I never left him with a bowl of biscuits ever again.

  2. Louise Author

    I’m happy to say that Shadow is home now. I have to feed him a diet of wet cat food – special prescription as a matter of fact for the rest of his life. Uggh. But if it means keeping him well and not having to go through that again it’s worth it. Dry cat food isn’t the best for cats to eat. I always thought it was but it’s dangerous especially for male cats.

  3. Beth

    I have had the same problem with my male Schnauzer. He had to have surgery to remove bladder stones/crystals. We are also buying prescription canned dog food. I also think it’s worth the trouble to keep him around for as long as possible. Pets are like children and we have to take care of them!


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