It’s been a bit slow but I started this sweater for my cousin’s baby, Jackson:


I changed the stripes and the colour of stripes so I could use up some cotton in my stash. If I get a chance I’ll post an image of Debbie Bliss’ pattern from Easy Knits.


13 days of radiant innocence
Tiniest of babes
I couldn’t hold

One day less two weeks
I held you in my heartbroken arms
For the first and last

I held you
Bathed you
And laid you to rest

My dearest daughter, Samantha today I’m thinking of you – as I do everyday. There’s an emptiness I can never fill but thank you for being here for however brief.



Poor Shadow, although the blockage is gone and the infection appears to be gone now he’s throwing up and not eating. He’s seeing the vet this afternoon and I hope they can figure out what’s wrong. I called the emergency clinic this morning and they said what I suspect is the problem, he’s probably reacting poorly to the meds. I hope it’s just that and not another problem. Poor little guy is so skinny and pretty weak – although he still has a bit of fight in him. I’m glad we don’t have shove anymore pills down his throat.

I have been knitting and I really want to post some pictures, but life is hectic right now. I really hope it gets better soon. The cardigan is moving along slowly but I love the way it’s turning out. I had to change the colours (I’m using a few less), because I’m using some yarn from my stash. It’s plain old garter stitch – the perfect no-brainer project for a stress out knitter. I’ll try and get some pictures up today or tomorrow. Oh yeah did I mention I got a nasty virus of sorts on my computer? Another reason I haven’t posted pictures, because I’ve been posting entries from work and, well I don’t think they’d be happy to see posting to my blog when I should be working :).