5 unusual things about me

1. I lost my hearing in my left ear at the age of 8. I have only 90% hearing in my right and 10% in my left. I can’t wear a hearing aid because the loss it nerve damage. The reason for the loss has never been diagnosed except for the fact it happened right after a two week stay in the hospital because I had croup.

2. I’m a closet adult thumb sucker. It’s really embarassing and I think a lot of people know this about me but don’t talk about it (I know at least 2 other adults who still suck their thumbs). I really only do it at night but sometimes I catch myself thumb in mouth when I’m really tired or stressed. I guess I’m not in the closet about it so much anymore.

3. I eat the thing I dislike the most on my plate first and work my way to my favorite part of the meal last.

4. I hate raisins, but only if they are baked in something. If they are chewy and dried up I like them fine but if they are plump and juicy I will actually gag if I bite into one.

5. I amost always brush my teeth before I leave the house. Even if it means it’s the 5th time that day that I brush them. When I worked in an office I used to brush my teeth at lunch time. I hate the thought of having bad breath.

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