Nothing new to report in my life right now. Mostly the same old same old. We’ve moved a computer onto the main floor which means I have easy access to the internet while keeping an eye on the toddlers. I feel like I have a lot more freedom because of it. I can even update my blog from that computer – well as long as my DH can figure why it keeps turning off and re-starting.

I got this great accessory case from my Mom at Christmas. I’m sure it has a hundred and one uses but it’s great for a knitting accessory case. The little monkeys can not open it.

I was laughing at myself the other day as an experienced knitter that I was struggling to knit some face cloths for the children. For the life of me I couldn’t remember how to do it. It took 4 cloths and an internet search to reveal how it’s done. Here’s the best and last one I created:


And here at last are the tube socks I’ve been working on. Only the toe needs to be knit. I’m sure I can whip that off this evening. This pattern has been super simple and lots of fun. It came from Better Home and Gardens “Hip Knits”.