I went to visit my mom on the weekend. When I get there she explains that she has been cleaning up the basement and has some yarn she got from my grandma’s stash when she past away a few years ago. So much for trying to use up my stash this year. I now have at least 4.5 rubber tubs full of yarn, half of it is as at least as old as me. I have a box of yarn called Domion Siwash carded wool. It’s 6 strands of carded, but not twisted fleece. You are supposed to give it a light twist while knitting with it. I’ve never heard of such a thing before. And hell ya I’m going to try it out.

I did a quick search on the wool and only found a pattern that uses the wool on ebay. The pattern is a vintage pattern for a sweater coat. I remember the sweater coat my grandmother made for my mom using the very wool I now own. I think mom still has that beautiful coat.

I’ll have photos of the potty bag soon. I’ve finished the bag but still need to create the strap and the i-cord I’ll be using for the drawstring.