In my ‘ego searching’ of Good Knit I discovered the following site which kindly links to mine: Knitting Instructions. You should go check it out. I only had a quick peek, but there seems to be good basic information on knitting and I also noticed an article about the history of knitting.

The potty tote/bag is growing quickly and I hope to be done by the end of the week. I still haven’t considered how I’m going to do the strap yet. A shoulder strap seems like the best choice, but I hate how shoulder bags tend to slip off. So I may think about doing a backpack style. My other consideration is how much wool I have, because I’m creating the whole thing out of my stash.

I don’t think I mentioned that my resolution for this year is to use as much yarn out of my stash as humanly possible. Yeah I know dream on, but really I only have 3 rubber totes full of yarn which is a poor amount of stash for a knitter in my opinion. I mean my mother has a whole area in the basement dedicated to yarn which is sorted by colour (I think) in clear totes so she can see it easily. When we finally buy a house (evil grin) then I’ll have my wool room. Until then space and budget say I should really use up that stash.

I’m going to go to a couple of guild meetings but I don’t think I’ll get a membership until the Fall since the season is almost half over and I would have to pay for a full season which is a bit of a waste. I should have registered last Fall. I mean it’s only $35 to join for the year (Sept. to May). I need to be more invovled in my knitting community. I don’t feel it’s enough for me to sit at home and knit anymore. I need to connect somewhere in the world and knitting is it for me.

My other resolution this year is to find a means of exercise. I’m still working on that one. I feel like such a slug these days. Maybe yoga or swimming? What sorts of exercise do you do?