Yarn is out to get me

I went to visit my mom on the weekend. When I get there she explains that she has been cleaning up the basement and has some yarn she got from my grandma’s stash when she past away a few years ago. So much for trying to use up my stash this year. I now have at least 4.5 rubber tubs full of yarn, half of it is as at least as old as me. I have a box of yarn called Domion Siwash carded wool. It’s 6 strands of carded, but not twisted fleece. You are supposed to give it a light twist while knitting with it. I’ve never heard of such a thing before. And hell ya I’m going to try it out.

I did a quick search on the wool and only found a pattern that uses the wool on ebay. The pattern is a vintage pattern for a sweater coat. I remember the sweater coat my grandmother made for my mom using the very wool I now own. I think mom still has that beautiful coat.

I’ll have photos of the potty bag soon. I’ve finished the bag but still need to create the strap and the i-cord I’ll be using for the drawstring.

3 Comments to “Yarn is out to get me”

  1. Noelle

    Sorry we didn’t see you on Saturday. Our brake warning light came on so we thought we better go to the dealership right away to get it checked out before driving all the way out to Jenny’s. Turns out we needed a front brake job–which they could do right away. Ugh. 700 bucks later!

  2. Louise Author

    I missed seeing you too on Saturday. As it turned out Jenny and Abby were really sick and we only saw them briefly. I think it was probably a good not to drive the car anywhere but the dealership when the brake light comes on. $700! Yikes. I hate cars sometimes. Ours needs some work but we’ve been putting of a bit because it costs so much.


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