Baby Blankets

The second baby blanket is done! Both blankets are going to be delivered this week and I can’t wait give them to my work friends. I like the colourway better then the previous blanket, but like I said before the next baby blanket will be solid. I think it does a better job of showing off the cables.

Winter this year has been a strange mix of large dumps of snow followed by unseasonably warm temperatures. Sadly the snow keeps melting away making it not much of a winter. Despite this I am in a hygge kind of mood. I’ve been wearing all my soft, warm sweaters, wrapping myself up in a blanket while drinking tea and hot chocolate. In the spirit of hygge I’ve decided to knit myself a fair isle yoke sweater.

The pattern is picked out and the yarn has been ordered. More to come on both next week.


I’ve knit so many baby blankets for co-workers over the years and I never tire of it. I do it to celebrate the new baby and do something nice for my work buddy, but I also do as a way of continual healing.

I’ve lost two babies, one still birth at 5 months and one infant at 2 weeks old. Every blanket I knit reminds me that more often than not a pregnancy ends with joy, love and a beautiful baby. It helps me deal with my losses.