The first of the two baby blankets I’m knitting is done! Both blankets are for co-workers.

As much as I love the softness of Bernat’s Baby Blanket yarn I’m not so happy with the way it knits up when doing the Shadow Cable pattern. The pooling is kinda of weird looking. I think the colour variations mixed with the texture doesn’t really work and yet I’ve knit a few blankets using this type of colourway. The second blanket also uses a similar colourway although it’s more subtle. If I make this blanket in the future I’m going to stick to a solid colour.


Happy New Year all!

This post is a few days late and isn’t knitting related, but I wanted post to say that I’m excited for a fresh beginning. I’m not making any resolutions this year, but I will be striving to live a better life. More self care, strengthening relationships and making time to more for the things I love.

My life has been hijacked by my anxiety and depression for years – making me afraid to live my life and making excuses that keep me from developing. It’s time to break old habits and live a better life. I won’t be perfect but I hope I can feel proud for at least trying.

Post to come next week and happy knitting!