Baby Blankets

The second baby blanket is done! Both blankets are going to be delivered this week and I can’t wait give them to my work friends. I like the colourway better then the previous blanket, but like I said before the next baby blanket will be solid. I think it does a better job of showing off the cables.

Winter this year has been a strange mix of large dumps of snow followed by unseasonably warm temperatures. Sadly the snow keeps melting away making it not much of a winter. Despite this I am in a hygge kind of mood. I’ve been wearing all my soft, warm sweaters, wrapping myself up in a blanket while drinking tea and hot chocolate. In the spirit of hygge I’ve decided to knit myself a fair isle yoke sweater.

The pattern is picked out and the yarn has been ordered. More to come on both next week.

Baby Blankets

So for Christmas we decided to adopt a rescue dog. Adopting a dog was a surprise because my husband and I had felt a dog would be too much responsibility. But often in life things change and we changed our minds. We have room in our family for more love but aren’t having anymore children (ya I’m so done) and a dog seemed like a great choice. So Patches, an eight year old beagle mix stray from Kentucky joined our family on December 23 – just in time for Christmas.

Our cat, Boots is still not impressed and is very slowly trying to deal with this new change.  He’s pretty pissed that we brought this new furry guy into the house and even left a ‘present’ for Patches on his dog bed one of the first days he was here. He has started to accept things however and I think in time he might even like the dog.

I was a knitting fiend during the Christmas season and I haven’t stopped as the list of things needed/wanted grows. My latest project is a baby blanket for a former co-worker and present client who is due this month. I’ve never had to knit a blanket so close to the wire. I hope to have it done for tomorrow since I’ll see her then.

I just love this pattern – Shadow Cable Baby Blanket and I knit it before. This new one is in Easter Egg Baby Blanket by Bernat.