Problem Solving

Last week I wrote about how unhappy I was with the crummy sewing job I did on the liners. So I decided to hand sew them by back stitching. The result was much better although it was time consuming.

By the time I got to this stage in the game I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I tried the mitts on. Now these are for my daughter who has thinner hands than me, but even for her the fingers felt a little snug. I’m not sure why this happened because initial fittings were fine. The fingers felt good. Whatever happened, error on my part or knitting gremlins, I had to figure out something.

I went from fingers in the mitts to no fingers.

Just as in life, knitting doesn’t always go the way you thought. Hopefully everything turns out though.

Overall I’m happy with the final project. A few things of note for the next pair of lined, flap mittens I make:

  • While still knitting with a tighter gauge make the mitts a little big to accommodate for the liner
  • Make the liner pattern with a larger seam allowance – half an inch
  • Add stitches if needed to create larger fingers or don’t make fingers at all

Merry Christmas, happy knitting and I’ll see you next year!

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