Well it doesn’t look like little A’s sweater will be done on time – even if I didn’t sleep for the next 48 hrs and did nothing but knit I’d never get it done. Oh well she can wear it in the spring. I think I’m going to knit matching shells or ‘T’ shirts to go with the sweaters. I’ve also decided that I’m making a bigger size sweater for Gwynn and the first one can be gifted to a little girl it’ll actually fit.

On a side note yesterday little G had the stomach flu. My husband was a great nurse who had to deal with a house full of crap and vomit. He was fine until after cleaning little G up who christened the bed both ways whilst napping, proceeded to throw up on him and our brand new couch. I received an email with the simple words ‘oh god she just threw up on the couch’. The man deserves a medal.

I took today off to prepare for the Easter weekend and try to get some ‘me’ time. Well that hasn’t happened. Although little G is much, much better I’ve spent the day cleaning frightening toilets and washing ever blessed linen that may have come in contact with ‘bodily fluids’.

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