Last week little A was sick for 4 days, this week it’s little G and I who aren’t fairing so well.



Okay so Boots isn’t sick, but you’ve got to admit he’s pretty darn cute.

Knitting has been put on the back burner the last 2 weeks (I know I can’t believe I’m not seeing pink balls of yarn coming out of the wall with withdrawl). However being home ill, got me snooping around my stash and I found this beautiful wool. I just love the colours.


Note the glorious lack of snow in this picture. I can thank my knit buddy and good friend AlexisKnits on Ravelry for this wool which I think is vintage:


I realize this is Beehive yarn, because the label matches the look of this pattern book that my mom gave me ages ago.


I’m thinking about making a fitted vest using this yarn with the pink as an edging colour. Maybe if I get really clever the vest could also be a spring/summer shell top. I hope my brain can function well enough to knit up a swatch and so some measuring.


I haven’t been knitting much these days – one pair of wrist warmers in about 3 weeks is pretty sad. I think I’m in need of a nice, free weekend :).



Sun-tzu in the Art of War said “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer“. It seems Shadow has been doing some reading these days.

How are cats and yarn enemies you ask? Well I figure that to a cat yarn = knitting which = less petting time for the cat. That would explain why cats must attack yarn whenever possible, sleep on half-knitted items left lying out (to show them who’s boss), steal and hide knitting accessories, and to chew up knitting patterns left out on the coffee table.