The girls and I

Here’s a little something other then knitting. I haven’t been knitting much the last week or so. I’ve been playing Guild Wars instead. Very bad I know, but sometimes a game helps clear my brain.


Here’s me at my in-laws 40th anniversary party.


And here’s little G just before we left for the party. This was the best I could do since she didn’t want her picture taken.


And here’s little A before the party. Unlike her sister she was more then willing to ham up for the camera.

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  1. Louise Author

    Hmm at work and it won’t let me login in as admin? Anyway thanks for saying so Pioggia. Things have been very stressful these days – especially with me working full time after being home with the girls for 3.5 years. I find I’m so tired I can barely pick up my needles. I think this will get better when my oldest starts school in September.


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