It doesn’t look like much now but this is the left leg of the shorts which is almost done:


There is some short row shaping for – er, the behind. I’d never done short rows before so it was fun to learn something new. I can see lots of uses for short rows when creating my own patterns. I can’t wait to finish this so I can wear it.


I’m ready to do split off for the back and front of the halter. It’s been a bit slow because my knitting time is rather limited and I’m so tired in the evenings it takes some effort to even move.


I waited too long to get a nice outdoor photo of the top, but the picture shows the shaping off well. I also picked up the elastic to sew into the waist of the shorts – a detail I almost missed until I re-read the pattern. I will have to do short rows for the shorts which is a technique I’ve never done before.

I’m seriously considering knitting the underwear in the book too.


Okay don’t get used to these frequent posts. I’ve just been so excited about Raverly that I’ve been making time to photography my latest projects. So here’s where I’m at with the halter top in the pj set I started on Thursday (actually Friday since I made a mistake right off the bat and had to rip it out and start over):


It is the soft thing I’ve ever knit and I can’t wait to wear it!


Where to begin. First off I’m ‘breaking my only one project at a time’ rule. I’m still working on this:


My lace cardigan (and probably to become a twinset).

And I’m going to cast this on as soon as I finish this entry:


Yes, I broke down and ordered the beautiful Treasure Island cotton (pictured in the photo) from White Lies Design. I won’t tell you what I paid, but it was worth it for the softest cotton I’ve every touched. I had a bit of trouble rolling the skeins up into balls – I can’t believe a knitter of 25+ years and I’ve never handled a skein before. Anyway I got the first one tangled up really good, but my bullheadedness resulted in a ball of yarn instead of a pile of knots.

The last bit of great news is I got an invite to Raverly! I’m so happy to be part of a cool knitter’s online haven. If you’re looking for me there my user is goodknit. (go figure).


I’ve been slow with the posts as usual, but at least when I do wite I have something interesting to share. For instance I got this book for my birthday last month:

My first reaction with a raised eyebrow was “who is this really for”?  But it’s actually a very interesting book with wearable patterns. I’m planning on knitting up a few pairs of the cotton undies and see if they are comfortable. Right now I’m trying to justify spending the money on the yarn needed for a pj set in the book. It’s boy shorts and a halter top knit in light soft cotton. I think it’s lovely and I could knit it up in one weekend. The yarn would cost $46.50 U.S. though and I’ve never spent much money on yarn before. I think I’d better sleep on it.