Catching up

Where to begin. First off I’m ‘breaking my only one project at a time’ rule. I’m still working on this:


My lace cardigan (and probably to become a twinset).

And I’m going to cast this on as soon as I finish this entry:


Yes, I broke down and ordered the beautiful Treasure Island cotton (pictured in the photo) from White Lies Design. I won’t tell you what I paid, but it was worth it for the softest cotton I’ve every touched. I had a bit of trouble rolling the skeins up into balls – I can’t believe a knitter of 25+ years and I’ve never handled a skein before. Anyway I got the first one tangled up really good, but my bullheadedness resulted in a ball of yarn instead of a pile of knots.

The last bit of great news is I got an invite to Raverly! I’m so happy to be part of a cool knitter’s online haven. If you’re looking for me there my user is goodknit. (go figure).

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