One step forward, two steps back

Sadly I’ve been very slow knitting my latest project. The lack of time and energy have little to do with it, believe it or not. I got several inches of my lace cardigan knit only to realize my gauge calculations were off. Sound familiar? Instead of like with the Celtic Sweater, the gauge was too big. It wasn’t 8 sts per inch but 7 sts and trust me that one extra stitch per inch really makes a difference (2 inches to be precise). So I started over with the correct gauge and things are looking better.

That’s the problem when you don’t have a pattern and are creating your own – the ‘bugs’ haven’t been worked out yet. I figure it’s worth the extra time to make it right. Had I created the sweater a few inches big all around I wouldn’t have been satisfied with it. It would have been a bigger waste of time because I would never wear the sweater.

I will post images of what I’ve done so far soon. Time is a major factor in my lack of posts.

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