Knitting has been slow, but I made this catnip snake for one of the cats for Christmas and will be making a second for the other fur ball.

I have begun work on the website for my new client and I’m starting to feel some creative urges I haven’t felt in ages. I’m so excited about this project and I hope to see a great deal of sucess come of it for both my client and myself. My hope would be by Fall I could stop or a least lessen the childcare load and do the web work full time. My creative self has been negelected too long.

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  1. Noelle

    I hope the brothers have fun with the snake! I bet they will 🙂

    I did try looking up your house right after I looked up my own. It seems like they skipped right over your address, which was totally confusing. However, I asked your mom on Sunday and she said it was built in 1912–so it was only an empty lot in 1901. Likely one of the houses nearby had double lot. I was dying to know who lived there too! But you can find out in the city directories. next time I go to the library to do more research, I will check it out.


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