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Knitted blanket for Patches

Such an adorable dog! I love this guy more and more everyday. I’ve always been such a cat person I didn’t know how I would feel about having a dog. They are more responsibility then a cat but they are also so engaged. The cat can take us or leave us but not the dog. Patches is my husband’s and my shadow – although if he has to pick my husband wins every time unless food is involved. I love him so much that I already knit him a blanket. It’s my favourite go-to pattern - Shadow Cable Blanket. The other two posts about this blanket can be found here and here.

I was happy to see Bernat has other colours of the chenille yarn for this pattern other then the baby pastel colours. I would love to knit a full size blanket out that yarn. It’s so damn soft.

Here are some more pictures:


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