Pretty in Plum

Pretty in Plum… or at least that is what I’m hoping. I love this Scoop Pullover from Interweave Knits. So much so that I already made back in 2009. I have literally wore the hell of it and have had to repair several times. I decided after the last repair job it was time to make a new one. One in this beautiful plum heather yarn from Patons Classic Wool worsted weight.

Here’s my first one from 2009:


And here’s the start of the new one:


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  1. Deb Pelissier

    I’m at the end of the toddler winter set hat. Starting with 72 stitches and then the first decrease calls for *K2 tog, K3 to end and then you should have 56 stitches? Doesn’t work mathematically, I end up with two more stitches to knit as the decrease is in sets of 5. Stitches in total…. Help!

    1. Louise Author

      I responded to your email. I’m going to change the pattern to fix the error. As I said the extra two stitches aren’t going to make that much of a difference so just continue the pattern as is just ignore the stitch count for the row (as it’ll be 2 stitches more). I probably only cast on 70 stitches, but made an error when I wrote it out – that pattern is 11 years old I think.


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