Today has been a cool, wet day. A rainy day. My daughters and I decided to go for a walk on some trails near our house. I love to bring my camera along when we explore through these trails. It often yields some lovely shots and today didn’t disappoint me. _MG_3119 _MG_3126 _MG_3137This is a cute little library box. I’ve seen these around and I think it’s a great idea. The girls felt nervous about looking at the books, like someone was going to come out and tell us to go away.

This past week I’ve been reading the pattern creation book I got for my birthday and making revisions to my patterns. It’s taking a lot of time to revise the patterns because I want to make sure I’m providing detailed instructions that are easy to read and understand. I also want to get people a little story or insight about each pattern. It’s so freeing and enjoyable working on the two patterns I’m presently sorting out.

I will admit there has been some frustration with the Honey Bee pattern. The main issue has been to make neat, clear holes for the wings. I finally have figured it out and started the actual item it’ll become (that’s a secret, but you’ll know soon enough). I will have to make it twice, once to work the bugs out of the pattern and a second time to double check that pattern works and makes sense. If I have time I’ll ask a fellow knitter to test the pattern.

Stay dry and happy knitting!



The past week or so I haven’t been knitting as would like. I’m working on the swatch for the honeybee pattern and I keep running into a variety of issues, but it’s starting to come together. I can’t wait get creating with it. Speaking of patterns I’ve been very happy with response to a few free patterns I’ve put on Craftsy. I’ve seen over 100 uploads in a few weeks. The test will be when I finally get pattern up that I feel I can charge for.

And now for a little eye candy – a couple of great Knit Picks purchases:


I purchased several skeins of bare wool and plan to try dyeing with Koolaid. It’ll be a great summer project with my girls. And yes I will be posting photos of the finished work.


It was my birthday this week and I got two great knitting books from my hubby and girls. I’ve already started reading the how to write patterns one and have found it quite useful. She mentions things that I should include in my patterns I hadn’t thought of before. Like a short bio and a quick description of the pattern.

The red slipper is what I’ve been working on this week. I’m revisiting Picot Edge Slippers. I changed the method for the picot edge. Originally I crocheted the edge on and didn’t make the points very strong. The new pattern uses a knitted cast on edge where you create the picots as you cast on – it is so cool. The pattern should be available over the next few weeks.