Well I was going to post a photo of my progress on the Debbie Bliss fair isle sweater I’m making, but sadly I realized I had made a mistake and had to rip out the entire snowflake section which was done. It really helps to pay better attention to the pattern. I feel so silly. You’re supposed to be shaping the armholes as you are also knitting the snowflake chart and the heart chart. I did not do this and just knit straight up. Clearly I couldn’t just wing this mistake so rip, rip, rip. I am proud to say I didn’t shed any tears – a lot of profanity yes, but no tears.

The photo of my progress will come once I’ve finished the back piece.

In other crafting news I finally cleared the clutter from around my sewing machine and I hope to embark on some sewing projects this spring and summer. It’s about time I got back at it. I’m excited by all the great things I can make for the house, the girls and myself. Sewing will likely have more of an instant gratification than knitting which takes so much longer to complete.