Feeling Better

Shortly after my post yesterday I got word back that my contract has been renewed! Hopefully I’ll start getting more hours too. Of course my search for a full time job continues.

Last night I started the ‘sock’ cuff on the first slipper – I can’t wait until it’s done. I’d like to make a pair for myself. I think it would be fun to try out lots of different colour combinations and yarn types. I have some self striping yarn in pinks that would look cool with a pair of black slippers for instance. Ah the possibilities are endless.

Has anyone else been having lots of trouble finding Boutique Sashay yarn? It’s sold out just about everywhere and Waltz and Hip Hop colourways are the most difficult to get. Family and friends have been contacting me asking me to pick up any Sashay yarn I can get, because it’s all sold out in their cities. It’s crazy. I know my local Len Mills store had some shipped in from Europe because there wasn’t any available locally. I may have to resort to ordering some online – even lots of those places are sold out too.

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