I’ve been trying to adjust to this ever changing weather this week. It’s been the strangest winter ever. This week one day was 6 C and raining, the next day was -10 C and the following day there was a snow storm. Today it’s very cold still, but it’s supposed to go above freezing tomorrow. I hope this isn’t a bad cosmic sign or something.

I finished the first slipper of the Moc-a-Sock Slipper last week and I’m at the bottom of the first cuff of the second slipper. It’s a cool pattern, but a bit too fussy to make while watching TV which has been frustrating for me since that is my prime time for knitting. Here’s the first slipper – photographed outside in -10 C weather because I wanted to take advantage of the glorious sunlight that was present this morning.


Shortly after my post yesterday I got word back that my contract has been renewed! Hopefully I’ll start getting more hours too. Of course my search for a full time job continues.

Last night I started the ‘sock’ cuff on the first slipper – I can’t wait until it’s done. I’d like to make a pair for myself. I think it would be fun to try out lots of different colour combinations and yarn types. I have some self striping yarn in pinks that would look cool with a pair of black slippers for instance. Ah the possibilities are endless.

Has anyone else been having lots of trouble finding Boutique Sashay yarn? It’s sold out just about everywhere and Waltz and Hip Hop colourways are the most difficult to get. Family and friends have been contacting me asking me to pick up any Sashay yarn I can get, because it’s all sold out in their cities. It’s crazy. I know my local Len Mills store had some shipped in from Europe because there wasn’t any available locally. I may have to resort to ordering some online – even lots of those places are sold out too.


Things continue to be tough financially as I continue to look for a full time job and now I’m waiting to find out if my contract will be renewed. I’m still struggling to get enough hours to make ends meet, but I’m trying to be positive about it all and I just keep keepin’ on.

So in the event of impending financial ruin I’ve been trying to make some extra cash and I’ve found that people really do appreciate hand knit items. I sold several Sashay scarves over the holidays, was commissioned to knit a stocking and a pair of slippers.

Right now I’m working on the slippers commission. I’ve been knitting away on Moc-a-Sock Slippers by Bekah Knits for a friend’s boyfriend. It was a slow start, mainly because I tried to start them during the Christmas holidays and was distracted by all the other fun things going on. I think I will make a pair for myself to take with me when I visit people. My feet are always cold so having a pair of slippers on hand would be cool. I like these slippers because the moc-sock keeps your ankles warm.

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

The slipper looks a bit funny on my foot because it’s supposed to be for larger feet then mine.


Happy New Year my fellow knitters. It’s been a crazy year as usual and I’ve been struggling to make enough money to make ends meet. I spent a great deal of the Fall knitting Boutique Sashay scarves and selling them to friends. I was also commissioned to knit a stocking for a friend of a friend’s baby and presently I’ve been commissioned to knit a pair of Adult Mock-a-Socks for a friend’s boyfriend.

I haven’t given myself any resolutions this year, but I have decided I want to allow myself more time for the things I love, like knitting. I hope to keep you better updated on my projects and knitting adventures. I might be throwing in some photography from time to time as well.

Come back and see what I’m up to and share with me what you are doing.

Take care and happy knitting!