I finally seem to be back in the swing of knitting. I’ve started my second owl. It’s going fast, although I still had to look a few things on knittinghelp.com but it’s easier the second time around. My plan is to make two more owls and I hope the last one will be perfect. I noticed a few things I did wrong or need to do better to make this little guy look the best he can.


Little G is very excited as she watches her owl get closer and closer to being done. Little A’s owl will be next – it’s another blue owl. I still haven’t decided what colour I want my owl to be. I was thinking more natural colours like browns, but part me is also thinking some thing vibrate like pink or purple.


Well here it is approaching Summer and I finally finished the winter hats I want to make for the girls. I used Thrope by Kirsten Kapur and I really like this pattern. It’s simple but looks interesting, plus you get the added warmth of ear flaps.



I’ve made a few other small items since my last knitting post, but nothing of great importance. I’ve started a second Owl for little G and have the wool to make a third one for little A.
I have a great deal of ambition to make all sorts of things, knitted and sewn for the new house. We’ll see if my new found free time in September will allow me to create them all :). Oh and I’ve discovered a fablous yarn and sewing shop a mere 15 minute walk from the new house. Look out bank account.


Would have to be me :(.

Life has been so crazy and I feel pulled in a hundred different directions. I have been knitting – what I like to call low maintenance knitting, like dishclothes and slippers. I’ve been out of my knit groove for a few months now, but I’m sure after the big move I’ll be back at it. Starting in September I will be working part-time and I’ll be taking the bus both ways to work everyday so knitting time will increase.

You only live once and I’m becoming tired of this rat race.