Still here and knitting

It’s been a whole month! November is a busy month for me, but I have been knitting mitts and neck warmers for the girls as an early winter has hit us. Today I’m going for my driver’s license – thank goodness it’s warmed up a bit so no ice or snow on the roads. Typically stress hell has broken loose on me on a day when I need to focus.

Little A awoke with a high fever so my neighbour has to watch her while Pete and I am at the road test centre.  It seems I am missing two important meetings at work today and now I have to take the day off so I can take care of Ally. Plus I’m leaving to go to my mom’s (about an 1.5 away) for the weekend so I have to pack etc. And to top it off I’m running on very little sleep.

At least my weekend will be relaxing and fun. Plus it will include lots of knitting.

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