Well I started the skirt this morning around 9:30 and by noon this where I’m at:


It may not look like much, but the yoke is complete with casting for the elastic and the skirt is basted for the gathering and pinning to the yoke. Aside from a 15 minute struggle with bobbin and threading issues (something was backwards), this has gone pretty smooth. I’m nervous about stitching close to the edge, but find it’s getting better each time.

There is one minor error with the skirt; I realized my stitch length is too long. I’m not ripping it out and starting over. I can live with it. I will make sure the rest of my sewing is with the appropriate number of stitches per inch. Who knew sewing has a gauge of sorts too?


I think the summer tends to dull my inspiration for knitting – the heat can do that to a person. I have officially put the cardigan aside and decided to go with the green cotton pictured below.


Beside is going to be my first sewing project using the sewing machine I got for my birthday last month that I still haven’t even plugged in! The fabric is so beautiful that I’m making the entire skirt out it instead of using a different fabric for the yoke. There I go changing the pattern already with my first project. Here’s an up close shot of the fabric:


It’s a bit blurry (my camera’s not that great), but you get the idea. The lady bugs are metalic gold – so pretty. I hope I don’t mess up the pattern because I would love to have this outfit to wear for Christmas or Thanksgiving.


I’ve ripped back the last few rows of the cardigan several times now. Part of me is thinking of cutting my losses and starting the sweater over with a different yarn that is closer to the yarn used in the original pattern. My problems arise from the texture of the linen. It’s very difficult to see the pattern and very easy to get ‘lost’. I’m not going to frog it at this point, just set it aside and try out this other yarn a see if it works better.

And Pioggia you are absolutely right that this is my hobby and it shouldn’t stress me out. :).