Well I’m still on the back of cardigan and I’m getting frustrated with myself. This is not a project to do when one is exhausted. I keep screwing up the pattern and having to rip it out. The yarn isn’t smooth and catches when I’m ripping back and then I drop stitches everywhere.

I keep reminding myself that the sweater is going to be very pretty when (if) it gets done. I think my next project is going to be a scarf :).


As always I’ve been busy with working and taking care of the family. But I manage to fit some knitting in and today I felt it was time to focus on some blogging.

I have added the Quick Hat pattern to my patterns page.


Click here for a copy and of course it will continue to be available on my patterns page.

I’ve had my sewing machine for a week and a half and I still haven’t tried it out. It’s frustrating to have so little time to do the things one wants to do. It seems like far too much of life is wasted on things we ‘have to do’, like working, cooking and cleaning. *Sigh*.

Enough complaining. Here’s where I am with the cardigan:


Almost done the back.


You can actually see the diamond pattern now, although it’s not as apparent as the original sweater.


Super busy that’s where. Also I suffered from my usual bout of insomnia last week and I’m just starting to catch up on my rest.

I have been working on the cardigan though. And the progress has been slow. Here’s where I am:


Sorry the picture isn’t great – I just took it in my living room without any sunlight since it’s 9 p.m. It’s hard to see, but the diamond pattern isn’t showing up very well with this yarn. I knew the yarn would look different from the smooth, silk/cotton blend the pattern called for but I had no idea it would be this different. I’m not unhappy with it and I think once it’s washed and block the pattern will show up a bit more.

It was my birthday last week and I got a sewing machine. I’ve very excited about the whole thing and I can’t wait to try it out. I can’t really sew but I have many friends and family who have offered their help. I’m confident I can do it. For my first project I want to make a simple skirt. Maybe something to match my cardigan.