I’m still here

I’m going to be busy over the next few weeks. I’ve added an other child to the daycare. He’ll be with us for about 8 weeks. So that means long days with 5 preschoolers in the house. Plus this is a big month for my Dad as he turns 60 and retires. Way to go Dad!!

I’ve barely done any knitting lately. I’ve been focusing on coming up with a name and a logo design for my web design and graphic arts company. The name is officially Quick Brown Fox. The logo is still on the drawing board but is coming along.

If I have any extra money (laughs) I would really like to purchase a knitting stitch library. If you know of any good books leave me a comment. Thanks.

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  1. I got a really nice stitch library off of eBay for about two bucks a few years ago, it’s a “mon tricot knitting dictionary”. This one has 1030 stitch patterns, but I think the previous printing had about 900. Either way, there’s lots of stitches to keep you busy in it for a heck of a cheap price. It was printed in 1963!

    I also got myself “The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches” at chapters for about $25. I drool over it regularly, the photos and the stitches are great, although I could do without the Crochet half of it.

  2. Louise Author

    Thanks for the tip, Lexi. I just purchased a stitch book off of Ebay for $4.50. The shipping cost a lot but it was still way cheaper then the $137 book I saw brand new on Amazon. Now I can’t wait for it to come!!!


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