I can’t believe I haven’t posted for so long. I’ve been busy as usual. Busy or not I’ve been knitting lots. The potty seat bag was finished but I decided I didn’t care for the top and the way it closed and ripped it out today. It actually wasn’t difficult to pull out a double hemmed piece like I thought it might be.

I love this stitch marker – one of 4 that spell F-R-O-G that my aunt Sadie Says gave me for Christmas.


Old top that would have closed using a drawstring i-cord


The start of the new top after ripping out the top stitches


I think my favorite part of the bag is the bottom (well second to the diamond pattern I used in the main part).



I hope to finish off the top by the weekend.

I am still adjusting to the fact that a new little boy started in my daycare this week. That’s 3 little boys and my 2 girls that I care for. It works out well because I never have more then 4 children in the house at one time.

I’m exhausted more from staying up too late play WoW. Yes I’m still playing and I can’t believe how addicted an adult woman can get to these things. Although I am addicted to knitting so addiction is in the blood.