Starting over

After yesterday’s disaster I walked away from my sweater for a few hours. I looked at it and swore a few times, then I got out my sissors and carefully ripped out the neck edge. I decided I should have cast on more stitches. I’m still so sore about the whole thing that the sweater sits in a neglected heap in the living room while I happily work away on 5 mm dpns on little G’s winter hat. Stupid sweater can sit there for another day or two.


  1. Noelle

    That’s right. You leave that thing there for awhile to think about what it’s done!

    Do you have itunes? It’s a really great way to check out new music and cheap too. I can give you some recommendations if you like! And I think kids like any kind of music–you can play it while the kids are around and you can all enjoy it.


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