Family treasures

This is the needle case my mom gave me last weekend. It comes from the Netherlands and mom thinks it belonged to my great grandma who gave it to my grandma.




Notice the very long, thin dpns for knitting lace? Well I think I’m actually going to use those babies to make something. Maybe a lace shawl to go with the dress I’m wearing to my husband’s company Christmas party.

It’s funny how we miss people so much after they are gone. I can only dream of the wonderful conversations I could have with my Grandma about knitting and life. We ended up having so much in common after she was diagnosed with Alhemizers disease. Our children are only a year apart, our passion for knitting, running a house without a driver’s license, just to name a few things. I miss her dearly and will always remember her great love for her family.

2 Comments to “Family treasures”

  1. Noelle

    So good to see you back! And so great to hang out last weekend. Hope we can do it again soon. Oh and… *sniff sniff* about the needle case and mom. I miss her dearly too. Each and every minute of each and every day.

  2. Louise Author

    Yea! Your the first one to comment on my updated blog. I’m so new to WordPress that I didn’t realise I had to approve comments before they got posted. This is exactly what I wanted, only because of the loads of spam I was getting before.

    I’m still working out things out, but I think the fact I ‘broke’ the site may have been a good thing.


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