My newest project are these pair of cable slippers. I’ve modified them by doubling up some yarn to get the weight I need and I had to use one size small needles. These are turning out lovely. So soft and flexible, unlike the Moon Socks that were stiff. There’s advantages to the stiffness of the other slippers as I think they will wear longer, but they may not be as comfortable as the cable slippers. This pattern is also from DROPS Design – you can find the free Little Red Riding Cable Slipper pattern on Ravelry.


I can’t wait to get to the actual cable part of the slippers which is the cuff part.


I finished these last night. I don’t like sewing much so I was worried I try to ignore them once the knitting was done. I was more motivated to finish them off knowing they are for my sister. I was really happy to find these great buttons at Lens Mill.



My next project is to knit Little Red Riding Slippers. However mine aren’t going to be red because I’m using yarn from my stash.


My latest project is DROP Design’s Moon Socks and it seems quite fitting that I’m making these slippers for my sister. When we were growing up my Dad often call our slippers/shoes/boots, basically anything we put on our feet, moon boots. So far the project is going pretty well. The pattern reads pretty well, but I was surprised when I realized there was a big old seam along the bottom of the foot. Yuck – who want’s to walk on that? So I used a Kitchener seam instead of a regular one. If you look you can see it a bit odd but no-one looks at the bottom of your foot – right? At least now the bottom is smooth and comfortable.

I’m using yarn from my stash and I hope I have enough. I think it’s a few metres short but I’m hoping I can make it.