Gut Feeling

The steps were pretty easy to create the mitten liners, however my gut told me that there should be more of a seam allowance. My thought being you can trim the excess fabric after sewing. But the video says you don’t need much seam allowance. I should have listened to my gut.

Paper pattern traced and 4 layers of fleece are ready to be cut

So I use my paper pattern and traced it onto layers of fleece – leftover from a Halloween costume.

Time to sew

This next step I was dreading. The sew machine and I are not friends We are not on speaking terms and every time I try to use the thing bad things happen. This wouldn’t be an exception.

It’s hard to see the terrible sewing job, but it’s there

So the seams were so small that the fabric kept bunching up or I would miss a section and have to sew back over it. I swore, swore a lot and maybe even cried a little. These crummy liners took a hour and half to sew.

I wasn’t happy with them and decided to try something else which I’ll tell you about next week.

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