Renos and Life in General

I wanted to check into the internet world and let you know that I am still here. As usual life is busy and exciting. I’m not a woman who has previously been in favour of change, but change is coming – a lot of change. First I’m in midst of intense renovations as I prepare to put my house on the market. My husband and I are constantly painting and building things to make the house look nicer in hopes of making a good and quick sale. We decided we could either try and make this house into what we want or just buy a house that is already what we are looking for. We decided the time, work and money to make the house we want just isn’t worth it. My advice for buying a house, buy what you truly want don’t get starry-eyed and think you will have the time and money to change it.

Second exciting change is I’ve decide to take the plunge and start up a graphic design business. This will be full force this time around, not a part-time sort of thing. I’m looking forward to this new adventure and I hope to help new and small business with their design and eventually marketing needs. I want my independence and I want to grow as a person and my present life just isn’t allowing me to do this. Wish me luck! (and yes I’m scared out my mind, like what the heck am I thinking?).

I will post a photo of the Farmyard Baby Blanket I’m knitting for a co-worker soon.

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