Beautiful socks and the need for calm

So yes I’m feeling a bit guilty for not blogging for over a month. I have been busy with the continuing renovations in my house and helping the girls as they performed in a production of Oliver Twist. During this time as always, I kept knitting and completed my Knot Socks. I feel these socks are one of the best pieces of knitting I have ever done. They were challenging and new for me even with all my years of knitting. One of the reasons I love to knit so much is there seems to be endless methods, skills and types of patterns out there to conquer.

There should be fewer excuses for missing posts from now on as the play is over and we have decided not to sell our house until next year (as long as the market is good). We are going to continue the renovations we set out to do originally, but now we have more time for them.

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