The only thing that never changes is change

So since my last blog post my original idea for the pattern has shifted and this is a good thing. As I’ve heard before the only thing that never changes is change. Change is good. This is a creative endeavour and nothing is set in stone. It’s actually refreshing to just let things go and follow what feels good, feels right. I’m not giving too much away but, as you can see the pattern has to do with bees. My usual style would have been to create an intarsia bee but, I’m exploring an area of knitting I’m less familiar with – texture and lace. I’ve been struggling with creating a bee that I feel satisfied with. I was really excited when I found this honeybee lace pattern on knitting fool. However when I tried it out I found many problems with why it wouldn’t work for what I wanted. It didn’t fit row wise with the other pattern I want to use and it was too open. I found a few other stitches for bees but, none really fit. So I decided instead of trying to modify something I would just work from scratch. It’s taken a week of experimenting and a change of yarn colour so I see better but, I finally have a bee I like.

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