Way back in about 2006 I started this blog as way to provide information, patterns and share my designs with other knitters. Life really got in the way of my vision for Good Knit, but I’ve decided to put myself back on track. My first step is to stop talking about the ideas I have to make this or that and actually do it. It’s hard to make time as I work as a full time graphic designer, raise a family and trying to shift my career into the user interface design field but I realise that I must make the time. Knitting has always been in my life, soothing my stress and giving me great satisfaction when I create something useful and beautiful. It has been the bond between my Oma, my mother, my sister and my daughters. It is important in my life and it’s time I allow myself to indulge in it. I have started sketching and knitting little bits to come up with a new pattern. I will be posting my progress to share my knitwear design progress.