Debbie Bliss Fair Isle Sweater

Fair Isle Sweater I was so happy to start the fair isle sweater that I purchase yarn for way back in the Fall. That is until I realized how frustrating it is to make a mistake and have to rip back. I’ve already made three errors, 2 of which required ripping back. The other mistake is an outer stitch right on the seam so it’s not going to show.

That said I can’t wait to get home at the end of the day and get working on it. The merino yarn is so fine and soft I imagine myself a wee spider spinning a beautiful web.

You’ve probably noticed the site has changed. I felt it was time to update the look and my hope is make the time to add some more free patterns and a knitting resources page.

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  1. Tom

    Hi, I was wondering if you had any fair isle knitting patterns I can download? I have a lady making one for me but I can’t find a good pattern anywhere. Any help would be great.

    Thanks, Tom

    1. Louise Author

      Hi Tom,

      Sorry but I don’t have any fair isle patterns for download. I haven’t created any. My patterns tend to be simple and not too complicated unlike fair isle. I’m sure a google search for free fair isle patterns should yield something.

      Happy knitting,


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