Christmas gifts continue

My latest gift is Cable Swirl Tam and Mittens in the recent edition of Creative Knits. I love the look of the pattern, but I found the written pattern to be a bit difficult to understand. It didn’t make sense in a few spots and didn’t explain that it’s pretty hard to keep the marker for the start of the round when the swirls have to cross over that spot. All in all I figured it out though and I think the recipient will really like it.


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  1. I too wish I had some guidance when encountering unclear instructions. I always end up trying to figure things out instead of asking for help at the yarn shop, which is what I should do.

  2. Louise Author

    Yes it’s frustrating. I know I misunderstood something because I finished the hat on the weekend and it’s too short. So I’m going to have to frog it and start over. I usually don’t have problems with patterns, but this one is just so unclear.


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