2 posts in one day?

Yep 2-in-1 today. I really wanted to post this a few days ago but being sick and all I hadn’t yet. Little A has this tiny stuffed bunny she calls ‘Brown Bunny’ or ‘Mrs. Bun’ (Daddy used to call the bunny Mr. Bun after the bunny in Calvin and Hobbes, but little A insists that bunny is a girl). Little A asked (practically insisted) that I knit Mrs. Bun a sweater. So that evening I knit up this:


There was no pattern, but I based on the concept of sweater making I used when I was 10. It’s knit in one piece where you knit the back, increase for the sleeves on both sides, cast off the centre for the neck, knit up one side of the front (remembering to cast off the sleeve stitches when they are wide enough), finishing off with the ribbing at the front, then you knit up the other front side. No gauge is really need as it’s so small I just cast on some stitches and held the needle next to Mrs. Bun to see if it was wide enough.

The difficult part was when little A asked where the button was (who makes a cardi without a button)? Since I hadn’t created a button hole I decided to sew on a dome. Now sewing and I are enemies – I can’t seem to ever get it right. It took three tries to sew the dome on correctly. It was a sad, sad thing, but I finally the sweater can be buttoned closed.

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