Spring has sprung and so have the viruses

Last week little A was sick for 4 days, this week it’s little G and I who aren’t fairing so well.



Okay so Boots isn’t sick, but you’ve got to admit he’s pretty darn cute.

Knitting has been put on the back burner the last 2 weeks (I know I can’t believe I’m not seeing pink balls of yarn coming out of the wall with withdrawl). However being home ill, got me snooping around my stash and I found this beautiful wool. I just love the colours.


Note the glorious lack of snow in this picture. I can thank my knit buddy and good friend AlexisKnits on Ravelry for this wool which I think is vintage:


I realize this is Beehive yarn, because the label matches the look of this pattern book that my mom gave me ages ago.


I’m thinking about making a fitted vest using this yarn with the pink as an edging colour. Maybe if I get really clever the vest could also be a spring/summer shell top. I hope my brain can function well enough to knit up a swatch and so some measuring.

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  1. Louise Author

    Thanks :). We’re both feeling better now and I can’t wait to knit something with this yarn. The only sad thing is the yarn is all different dye lots, but if I knit a few rows with one ball and then switch to another I’ve heard you can’t see the difference. It’s a bit more work, but I was planning to make a fitted vest so there wouldn’t be any sleeves. I hope it works.


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