A great deal of the yarn in my stash came from my grandma after she passed away a few years ago. Recently my mom gave me a box of 6-strand carded wool. The wool is only carded and not spun. You’re supposed to twist it a bit as you knit. I’m not sure if you can even purchase it anymore. I took it because it came in beautiful natural colours of characol grey, cream and chocolate brown. I remember the winter jacket my grandmother made out it for my mom years ago.Nostalgia play a role in my decision to take this wool. I had no idea what I could make with it – not a coat because there wasn’t enough wool and I don’t think I’d have the patience for it.

Well I finally know at least a few things I could make that will be super warm and fast to knit up using this wool. A lovely new hat and scarf for me! Here’s the hat so far – I knit this up in about 15 mins.



I think I’ll have a hat by the end of the weekend. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish.