Things have been slow

Well at least in the department of knitting. I’m still working on the red lace cardigan I started ages ago. I’m a few inches from the armholes. My biggest pet peeve about sweater patterns is how they tend to be too short so when I make my own pattern I always add an inch or two to the length. My cardigan is going to be 17 inches from the underarm to the hip not the usual 13 inches that I see so often. I’m not long waisted I just hate things sitting at the most unflattering area of my body, my stomach.

I hope to have some images once I start the armholes. I really want to get creating patterns again. Plus I need to think about Christmas gifts for people this year. Any suggestions on quick, nice Christmas gifts?

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  1. Melissa

    If you get a few good idea for Christmas please share them with us. I’m trying to finish two baby blankets for which I’m not feeling at all inspired. I hope to find a few good ideas for Christmas presents. One thing I did two Christmas’s ago was hats (9) for my husbands family who were going skiing. I used alpaca in different colors and sizes as appropriate. If you have a group this is an option. Though I was burned out on hats for about a year after doing this.


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