The new job is going good, but I’m tired. It’s a lot of work running around getting everything done. Work has started reaching some stressful stages now, nothing horrible, but some tight deadlines.

I started the lace cardigan, but I’ve only knit about a inch. I’ve been just too tired to knit in the evening. Hopefully as I get use to the change in my lifestyle things will get better and I can knit again. Now I’m off to a daycare centrein the hopes of getting the girls in.


I’ve started designing a sweater. It’s knitted lace which is pretty new to me, but lots of fun. Anyway I’ve pull some yarn from my stash like a good girl. I found some beautiful, thin weight, black, 100% wool yarn. I think that’s perfect. I start knitting with it to discover black smudges on my fingers. The dye is actually transfering onto my hands!

Needless to say I had to return to the stash to find some different yarn. I can’t imagine knitting with wool that keeps staining my fingers. Any thoughts on what I can do fix the yarn so I can use it? I thought about wrapping it back into skeins and washing it in cold water and vinegar. It would be a lot of work, but if it worked I think it would be worth it.


A quick peek at my initial swatch.


The new job is going well although I had an anxiety attack yesterday. I think it’s the result of all the changes in the family’s life. For my mom’s birthday I knit her soft, fuzzy wrist warmers. I forgot to photograph them before giving them to her – sorry all. At the moment I don’t have anything on my needles. I seldom have UFO’s. I’m crazy like that, one project on the go only. I haven’t decided what’s next. I have tons of patterns and yarn in the stash. Part of me would like to design some sun dresses for the girls and the other part of me says I need a light cardigan for the summer. I need to make the decision soon because I don’t like having nothing to knit. That’s probably the real reason for my anxiety attack yesterday.


I think this is the most posting I’ve done in ages. I finished the sweater and sewed the buttons on last night. I won’t have this sort of time after this week as the new job starts. But I may get some time to knit at work or on the bus.


My goal is to change my lifestyle to include some exercise. I know I’ve gone on about this before and only made a bit of progress only to stop. It’s different this time. The new job is going to require a great deal of energy and organization on my part. I need my rest and my health to be able to handle the stress. I know I’ll be happier for it. I got the bike out last weekend and took it for a ride. I realized how out of shape I am but I also recognized how good riding the bike would be. If I can work myself up to it I could easily ride my bike on nice days to work. Imagine how fit I would be with a several 20 minute bike rides a week.

Right now I’m just focusing on breathing and trying to relax. I can do this, I can make this big change and my family and I will be better for it.


The sweater is all sewn up and ready for the collar. The sewing went quicker then I thought it would which made me very happy. I can’t wait to send it off.